The keys are used in unlocking and locking the doors and it is a part of one of our daily life usage. Each lock possesses its unique key, which helps to unlock it by simply inserting it in. But what to do when it gets broken and snaps off in the lock? It usually happens when you’re rushing to work, or in a hurry to go somewhere. The keys choose the most inconvenient time to stick into the locks. Key extractions techniques may help you in such a situation.


Being locked in a room due to broken keys can be a very challenging and terrifying situation. Make sure you never touch the key without a strategy or plan. Pushing the key inside can make the situation even worse.

Make sure you have a smart plan, before actually touching the key for extraction. Always consider the availability of the following things before executing any plan;

  1. Enough tools available
  2. Nearby hardware store
  3. Availability of spare keys
  4. Professional help available if needed

Key extraction

Key extractors are the basic tools that help in key extraction. The tools are available in different shapes and forms. The purpose of different shapes of extractors is to only make them look attractive. But the forms have different functions i.e. sharp and tiny. Both have their different function and aids in key extraction.

Tools for the key extractions

The first tool that you need to use prior to any process is to apply the lubricant over the lock. . Since, oil-based lubricants may mess up the situation, dry lubricants are preferred. Then, look for the basic tools required for the key extraction. Such as tweezers, jigsaw blades, shattering wire, pliers, superglue, and paper clips. Selection of the tools is based on the situation.

For instance, looking for the essential tools is easier, if you are stuck outside of your home. Also, if you think you can’t handle the situation alone. The locksmith can help you get in your house. Moreover, the surrounding people in your area may also help you get out of the home if you are locked inside with the help of some handy tools.

The final word

The key extractions can be done in too many ways; that will aid to free the key from lock, touching the lock without having a plan can make the situation worse and difficult to handle. Sometimes the tools aren’t enough to break the lock and then you have to seek professional help from the locksmith. They are experienced and skilled enough to help you with the key extractions. Also, they have all the tools to extract the key. Also, they have all the essential tools to extract the key.

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