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Lock Change in the
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At some point in life, you need a lock change service. Perhaps you require the lock changed on your vehicle, requiring an auto locksmith. Maybe you had a roommate or housemate move out, so you need a residential locksmith to change or re-key your locks. You may need the locks changed on your commercial properties due to a change in tenants or employees leaving your company. Let 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service help you.

Our trusted professional technicians and locksmiths can help you no matter your location in the First Coast of Florida metropolitan area. Whether you need help with a car door or a structural entry door, we can provide reliability.

Commercial Property Lock Changes

Your commercial property refers to the building where you house your business, your commercial vehicles, and locked rooms, cabinets, or storage bays inside your company. When you lose or gain employees, you need to change your building locks to control access. This protects your employees and your business information and confidential data such as employee files and customer credit card data.

Owners of commercial real estate need frequent lock changes due to the turnover in renters. Create a contract with us for this service so you can know you obtain the same high-quality service every time. Why take chances on a different locksmith each time? We can create a maintenance contract to receive the same excellent service every time you need a lock change. Having your home or business’ locks changed improves protection and security, removes danger, and adds convenience.

When you call us for an appointment, ask us about a keyless entry. We can install a smart entry system for you that uses digital codes or key cards. These state-of-the-art systems offer improved security since you cannot pick the lock. No opening exists in these systems in which a burglar could insert lock picks. This simplifies assigning access for you.

Once installed, you can set up new access codes and disable old ones from any Internet-enabled device. This means you can set up a new renter code while on vacation using your smartphone app. You can also disable the outgoing renter’s access as soon as they move out or before then in the case of an eviction.

Over the long term, smart systems save you money, although the initial outlay may cost more. You will not need our services as often for re-keying. We aren’t worried. We would prefer that you, your family, your renters, your employees remain safer. We want you to have the safest locks and security system available.

Residential Lock Changes

Residential Lock Changes

When you purchase a new home or new to your home, one of the first things you should do is have the locks changed. An older home may have worn locks that make it frustrating and difficult to unlock and lock. You may also find that each entry opens with a different key. We can re-tumble the locks so that they all use one key and it’s a new key never before used on the property. Imagine only having one house key on your key ring. Talk about simplifying life!

Sometimes, you need to replace all of the hardware as well as the lock. This often happens with new homes. Contractors choose cheap hardware that looks nice but provides little protection. When you purchase a newly built home, you should call us to have the locks, and the housing changed. Ask us for a free estimate.

Whether new or old, your just purchased home has had several people through it recently. Changing your locks makes you safer. Think of all the contractors who passed through your house to pack and move the last tenants and clean it for show. Think of all the contractors who worked on the home if it was recently built. Any mason, plumber, electrician, general construction worker, etc., could have forgotten to turn in the key assigned to them. That means someone has access to your home besides you.

This may sound far-fetched, but it is not. According to Zillow, theft of appliances and electronics commonly occurs when the incoming resident does not have the locks changed. We want your experience in your new home to be positive so, call us as soon as you buy, so you can have the locks changed.

Commercial Lock Changes

We can help with lock changes, but more importantly, we can help with choosing a lock system and security system that helps keep your property and those in it safer.

Ask about our security audits, too. We can help you determine which security system works best for your Florida home or office. This includes camera systems, alarm systems, buzzers, and cameras, including doorbell cameras. After the audit, we can provide you a free estimate on an updated security system.