Programming keys are also known as electric keys, which are a convenient option to protect cars from the attack of thieves. To better improve the quality of electric keys, you can pass them through key programming to deal with the theft attack without any hassle. But it is not that much easy to do the key programming, and you need to hire a specialist to do this art.

Any professional who is an expert in key programming can also help you with:

Is key programming a time-consuming process?

At some point, yes, it is! If you are key programming yourself, then definitely it’s a time-consuming process because it involves different technicalities. But through specialized help, you can make it finish in just a few hours. The duration of the key programming varies from a car model. Some of the car keys are not easy to replicate in programming. And this is the point when a need for a diagnostic machine arises.

Step by step guide for the Key Programming process

Step No 1:

You have first all to access the whole car’s ignition very carefully. This will enable you to program the keys through your car system. Some of the car models do require two keys for accessing the ignition. But this is just needed if you are doing it with an extra key. To know more details, you can check the car manual to know the exact key programming process.

Step No 2:

Now insert those keys which have been already programmed within the car’s ignition. Leave it for a few minutes. Keep the second one by your side, when you are about to do programming. But it would help if you remembered which keys you are programming and which you don’t want to program.

Step No 3:

Insert that key that you are about to reprogram. You need to be quick with the reprogramming because you have 10 seconds. Keep the third key by your side for switching up the system of your electric car. Later on, turn it off. Once it is turned off, leave the third one. Your vehicle is actually programming that specific third one within the ignition.

Step No 4:

Wait for a few minutes until you did not notice that the security light has turned on. This light is located on your car’s main dashboard. Keep your eye on the light because it will blink all of a sudden. For key programming the third one in the future, you have to press the button located on the third one. Remove the third one to make sure that the programming is ending up successfully or not.

Key Programming: Conclusion

This is how the whole process of key programming will be done for your ease against car theft attacks. An expert locksmith can also help you deal with the process if they have enough knowledge about it. Hire them now and give your car ultimate protection.

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