Have you ever lost your key or locked yourself out in a room or in your car? Situations like this might happen sometimes. This is the time when we urgently required a locksmith. Many of us think that a locksmith’s work is to make duplicate keys only. Though the thinking is quite right but not completely. The job of a locksmith is really crucial and it could be complicated sometimes. There are several jobs of a locksmith that can even take hours to finish. As far as the charges of an emergency locksmith in Jacksonville is concerned, they will vary depending on the situation. Let’s discuss this further.

How Much Will an Emergency Locksmith Cost You?

So, the task of a locksmith is not just to make the perfect duplicate keys for you in seconds. There is much intense work that a locksmith has to do. Also, an average locksmith in Jacksonville, FL will charge you around $50 per hour along with the additional cost of the emergency service call.

Following are some of the average price ideas of locksmith services based on the type of work –

● For a duplicate key – $5-$75
● Emergency lockout Services – $30-$60
● To assist with broken keys and locks – $20-$50
● Key fitting – $30-$40
● Change of locks – $80-$300
● Assistance with cylinder rekeys – $10-$20
For availing of a car unlock service in Jacksonville Fl, you might need to pay the following charges –
● A Car Lock Rekeys – $35-$55
● Replacement of Car Keys – $75-$250
● Keypad Lock Replacement – $75-$250
● Car Door Lock Replacement – $50-$150
● Transponder Key Reprogramming – $50-$200
● Lockout Issues – $80-$150
The amount that a locksmith will charge you, depends on the type of job, time taken to complete the job, location and time of your requirement etc. Let’s see what are the factors that determine the service charge of a locksmith –
● Overall Time Required
Now, if your work is small and doesn’t require so much time, your total bill will be less. But if the job requires a good amount of time and attention, then the charges will obviously increase.
● Time & Location
The next factor that influences the charges of an emergency locksmith in Jacksonville is the time and location of your job. If the locksmith stays far away from your place, then they might charge a bit high price for the job. Also, if your emergency service requirement is for odd timings like late nights or early mornings, the service charge might increase.
● Price of The Materials

The second thing that determines how much an emergency locksmith will cost you is the price of the materials that are required to finish your job. For example, if you only need a duplicate key, or need to install a single lock, then the materials required to complete the task are less and the overall price will be less.

But, if you are looking for a car unlocking service in Jacksonville, Fl, or you want to install all locks of an apartment in Jacksonville, these kinds of works require more materials to be used. In such cases, the price will obviously go up.

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